The oddities of plans

Given the news today, its odd for me to be going out for what I’d planned to do. But it also Proves to me that it’s needed.

Today I’m doing a photo shoot dedicated to gun safety. I’ve had it planned for a few weeks now. Once again guns have been used by bad people for bad things. I hate that! Once again I am stuck having to explain to people that guns are a tool. It’s the person who uses that tool, who is good or evil. Not the tool itself.

Once again, I have to tell people to stop blaming guns and start blaming the actual problem. If we would raise people to know the difference between right and wrong, less people would be shot. If we would raise people in an environment where they could speak out and speak their feelings without being picked on and called fags for it, less people would be shot. If we would raise people in a way that teaches them that THEY ARE accountable for their own actions, less people would be shot.

Take away guns, more people will be stabbed.

Guns are not the cause of violence. Our society is. Our society is raising people in this way, and its only getting worse. Stop blaming the tool of choice and look into a mirror. What have you done to help a desperate person? What have you done to make a person more desperate? How can you help create a change in society so that no one else will feel the need to kill to get our attention?

Seriously, look into a mirror. Really look! Now, what changes do you need to make in your life, your attitude, to make our society into a place where guns are no longer needed to make a statement?

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