Welcome to Spider Spine Photography!

This site is all about my model photography. My nature and wildlife photography will soon be set up Here.

For my first post I want to share some information and images with you all. Spider Spine Photography is a dream that’s been a long time coming and there is one model I have been working with who’s truly helped me reach the point where I’m ready to go “all in” on my model photography. Her name is Alyssa Caitlain. We first worked together in February 2012 and have done many shoots since!

Alyssa is the type of model I love working with. She’s professional and lets me get the shots I’m after, but at the same time is goofy and loves to toss out crazy poses anytime I tell her “Test Shot”. To date, Alyssa and I have done 10 shoots. Every shoot we’ve done pays out with fantastic images.

Here are a few more images I have taken of Alyssa:

Our first shoot ended up being during a snow storm. Alyssa did an amazing job!


Our second shoot was later that same month using the apartment I was moving out of. Alyssa had fun using every space I could think of to set her on.



Alyssa and I have worked together ten time so far this year! I hope to get a least a few more shoots in with her before the years end! Its always nice to find beautiful, professional, and dang sexy models to work with. Thanks Alyssa!

Here’s one more shot of Alyssa for you all. It was taken in Rocky Mountain National Park.

She makes a stunning country girl!



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